A nature gifted place where you can feel the heartbeat of the wind.

Like the Japanese old poetry "Yakumo tatsu Izumo", this breathtaking scene of the clouds rising in the sky was why this city in Shimane got the name “Izumo”.In the eastern part of the city lies Lake Shinji, in the western part, there is Lake Jinzai. This is a region with blessings of beautiful nature such as ocean, mountains, plains, rivers, and lakes.

“WINDY FARM” is located in Taki town at the westernmost tip of Izumo city where natural cliffs remain.The name symbolizes the town of wind power generation and people can feel the “heartbeat of the wind”. Also shows the concept of living with a soft and flexible mind like a wind, sometimes a gentle breeze that carries a bright feeling or a tailwind that tells you the direction to go.
IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF is a hotel standing in the cliffs of WINDY FARM.

For instance,
Like the blue of the sky and blue of the ocean, waves that never cease.
Trees swaying with the wind,
remnants of the sun, night with the moon high in the sky.
The scent of the sand and the twinkle of the stars.

IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF is a quiet hotel nestled within the cliffs,
where you can take pleasure in the beautiful moments feeling the harmony with nature from your very own room.


Private “CAVE” of 8rooms

8 rooms located on a cliff about 10 meters from the beach, are each designed to face different directions to ensure you the best view.
There is a spacious terrace with Jacuzzis to fully enjoy the magnificent sunset.
We provide an extraordinary stay for you to quietly spend the time admiring the sky and ocean.


Room type: 4 double rooms (king size, bed x 1) / 4 twin rooms (single size bed x 2)
Number of guests: up to 3 people
Room size: Room: 29.18m2 + Terrace: 18.36m2
Bathroom: Shower Only

・Private Jacuzzi on the terrace
・*Sauna is available for only private use during certain hours (reservation required)


Quiet relaxing moment with the scenery that gradually changes.

The sauna available for only guests staying, offers a panoramic view of the ocean-blue and the widest sky. The sauna room can be reserved per each group, and it is a space where you can relax while enjoying the aromatic ro-ryu.
You can enjoy the scenery that changes each and every second, such as the sea turning orange in the evening and sky full of twinkling stars at night.

Complete time slot reservation system.
Please reserve your desired time slot from the "Spa" option when making your hotel reservation.
5,000 yen (tax included) / 1 slot (2 people)



Limited to one group per day.

Special villa is available for only one group per day.
Escaping from the hustle and bustle, you can spend a quiet time with your loved ones, in harmony with nature, feeling with all five senses.


Number of guests: up to 7 people
1F: Bedroom 2 beds (semi-double bed x 2), Japanese room 3 beds (single size mattress x 3)
1F Terrace: Private sauna, jacuzzi
2F: Japanese-style room with 2 beds (single size bed x 2), living room, dining kitchen.

*Private Jacuzzi and wood-burning sauna are installed on the terrace. You can use it freely.
*Pets are not allowed.


  • Ocean view restaurant GARB CLIFF TERRACE
  • IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF  Japanese style breakfast
  • IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF  Japanese style breakfast


Wake up to a Japanese breakfast with fresh clam espresso provided only to hotel guests.

Start your day with a healthy Japanese breakfast.Fluffy and shiny claypot rice is made with a brand rice from Shimane called Nita rice. It will be freshly cooked in time for breakfast.
For the taste changer, we have Tai-meshi, a sea bream rice. This became popular local dish based on soup-covered rice that was favored by the famous tea master daimyo Matsudaira Fumai.
It is an ochazuke-style dish where ingredients such as sea bream, eggs, and Izumo shiitake mushrooms are placed on top of rice and hot soup stock is poured over.
It is an ochazuke-style dish where ingredients such as sea bream, eggs, and Izumo shiitake mushrooms are placed on top of rice and hot soup stock is poured over.

  • IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF Special Dinner Course
  • IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF Special Dinner Course
  • Ocean view restaurant GARB CLIFF TERRACE


Dinner course with 7 dishes of Shimane cuisine

A dinner course to enjoy the flavor of seasonal ingredients from the food trove Shimane, is created by the chef of GARB CLIFF TERRACE IZUMO. This course is offered only to guests who want to enjoy all about Shimane.
We offer 7 items starting with soup, cold/hot appetizers, following with fish, meat, pasta, and dessert.
Enjoy a one-of-a-kind mealtime on the ocean-view terrace feeling the sense of openness with the pleasant breeze and a view of the sunset coloring the sky.


Main dining on the upper floor of the guest rooms.
Breakfast: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Dinner: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Restaurant Official Website


1870 Kumura, Taki-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane, Japan
TEL: +81 853-86-3300 (9:00 AM - 22:00 PM)
For inquiries via email, click here.
Check IN: From 3:00 PM
Check OUT: Until 11:00 AM

It is recommended to arrive by car, rental car, or taxi.

Approximately 30 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by taxi from JR San’in Main Line Odashi Station. Approximately 35 minutes by car from Izumo Enmusubi Airport via San’in Expressway.
About 19 minutes by car from Izumo Taisha Shrine via National Route 431 and Kunibiki Coast Road.
Parking: Guests can park in the hotel’s on-site parking lot.

For those arriving by plane:
From Haneda Airport → Approximately 90 minutes to Izumo Enmusubi Airport.
From Itami Airport → Approximately 50 minutes to Izumo Enmusubi Airport.
From Fukuoka Airport → Approximately 65 minutes to Izumo Enmusubi Airport.
Approximately 35 minutes by car via San’in Expressway from Izumo Enmusubi Airport.
(Note: The travel times are approximate and may vary based on traffic conditions.)

A heliport has recently been established near WINDY FARM ATMOSPHERE.
Currently, it is accessible only from heliports in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. You can enjoy a 110-minute aerial journey directly to IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF. (40 minutes from Hiroshima)
(Note: This information is fictional and provided for illustrative purposes.)

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IZUMO HOTEL THE CLIFF Heliport Location (Within Walking Distance)